Automated urine output monitoring in catheterised hospital patients

A passion for design

The Problem

Accurate monitoring of hourly urine output volumes improves treatment of sepsis and kidney failure.

Current measurement techniques are nursing intensive and the recorded data is inaccurate and unreliable.

The Solution

VoidTrack is a medical device that automatically measures urine output.

The device uses small inexpensive disposable parts whilst drastically reducing the workload on our nursing staff. It provides millilitre accurate measurements day and night at a cost competitive price.

British Engineering

VoidTrack is designed and manufactured in the UK


  • 7 day battery life under standard operating conditions
  • Accurate to within 5%
  • Red-Amber-Green traffic light warning system
  • Simple to use


  • E-Paper display on the device
  • Encrypted WiFi connectivity
  • Clinicians can track chosen patients remotely